Error 2254 when updating Olympus Sonority

Problem When updating Sonority to version 1.1.0 it downloads and runs an installer but comes up with this error message: “Error 2254.Database: Transform: Cannot update row that does not exist. Table: Shortcut.” Solution This is a known issue by Olympus and a patch has been made. A new update is available (1.2.0) which should rectify… Continue reading Error 2254 when updating Olympus Sonority

Olympus Dictaphone Manuals

A lot of Olympus dictaphones are provided without a physical manual which is not stored on the website. You can download the manuals here: Olympus Dictaphone Manuals. This includes the Olympus DM450 and DM550 which are located near the bottom of the page.

DSS Player not detecting dictaphone

Problem The Olympus DSS Player software will not detect the Olympus dictaphone when it has been plugged in. Solution Click Start (Windows XP users should then click Run). Type msconfig and press Enter. Click the Services tab. Make sure the DNS1 service is checked. Click the Startup tab. If the DNS1 Service is there, make… Continue reading DSS Player not detecting dictaphone