Canon Printer Error 6000


You are unable to print and receive the message Error 6000 on the computer or printer display screen.


When experiencing this error it has been the result of a deep paper jam with pins, paper or other miscellaneous objects.


If you are unable to resolve this yourself then you should have it repaired by the provider or manufacturer.


    1. The only way is to remove the inks and then turn the printer upside down if nothing falls out then the jam itself could be one of two things, one it could be a false jam and not exist and the printer will need to be repaired at a service centre or two the object causing the jam is trapped and will again need to be repaired. Hope this helps, I would not shake or hit the printer as this can dislodge internal workings of the printer and cause more damage.

  1. I had the same problem and it was this simple: there was something blocking the automatically opening door of the printer. Removed the obstacle and it works fine.

  2. Removing ink and turning upside down worked, even tho didn’t see anything fall out. Thanks!

  3. Removing the ink and turning it upside down worked for me too, Thanks Satu Taylor!!!!! Saved me a BUNCH!!!!

  4. I had this now. Lego part of my kid block the roller to move on.
    I removed the lego part, and now it is working well

  5. In desperation I turned upside down and shook the printer violently – it worked!! tiny sliver of photo paper fell out.
    Printer seem ok now. Thanks for advice.

  6. After turning the printer upside down didn’t work for me, however, pulling out all cables from the rear of the printer and leaving them out for 2 minutes plugging them back in. Turn ‘ON’ the printer while holding down both the ‘On’ and ‘HOME’ button for 30 seconds then let go of the ‘HOME’ button worked for me.

  7. I was unable to remove the ink because the jam had stopped the ink carriage from moving. I noticed a thin edge of paper protruding through the roller behind the ink carriage rails. I couldn’t get a grip to pull it through so I used the cogged white roller on the right to wind it back in. It didn’t work the first time and jammed in the same spot. The second time I rolled the paper further back (the roller was a bit stiff but I persevered) , closed it all up, turned it on and IT WORKED!!!! The offending piece of paper was spat out undamaged and fully printed. I successfully did another print just to be sure it worked.

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