Remove MacGuard


When using your Mac, you are told by a program called MacGuard that you have viruses and that you must pay for the product in order to remove them. This is actually a fake antivirus that lies about your system security in order to get your money and is actually a variant of the MAC Defender trojan.


To remove the Mac Guard malware, you can download our Removal Tool or follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Spotlight magnifying glass icon (top right of the screen) or press cmd + Space.
  2. Type in Activity Monitor and press Enter.
  3. Make sure the dropdown (near the top right of the window) is set to All Processes.
  4. In the list, click on MacGuard.
  5. Click the Quit Process button.
  6. Click Force Quit.
  7. Go to your Applications folder.
  8. Delete the MacGuard file and empty the trash..
  9. Click the Apple icon in the top left of the screen, then click System Preferences.
  10. Click Accounts.
  11. Click on your username on the left.
  12. Click the Login Items tab.
  13. If Mac Guard is there click on it, then click the minus (-) button.

It is recommended that you Disable Automatic File Opening in Safari to prevent this happening again.


  1. ok im dealing with this too and your instructions aren't working perhaps because I already dragged it to the trash and emptied? Well it's till not gone and I'm getting gay porn pop ups now- please help! AHHH LOL

  2. ^ Click the Finder icon in the dock (smiley face).
    Click the Finder menu in the top left, then click Secure Empty Trash.

  3. its nice knowing that there is someone out there helping the good people of the web, thank god for people like you.

  4. After reading various sites, yours was the only one that clear and concise! Thank you! I can now use my computer in peace. Many thanks…

  5. you are the best! my girlfriend would have freaked if she saw gay porn and viagra adds popping up all the time. you saved me…thanks a million

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