1. Error 6C10 comes up on my printer. I have tried switching it off on with no success. I cannot find anything in the Manual to help me. My printer is is an MP900. I have recently had it fixed with another error.

    Hope you can help me – I need my printer.

  2. I have been frustrated with the 6C10 Canon printer error for ages. Your solution did the trick! Thanks so much for this advice – Canon should hire you!

  3. When I go to copy something it comes up 6c10. Can please help me I turned it off and then turned it back on

  4. It is depending on the printer some used 1 resetbutton others 2 till 5 resetbuttons. Try it out and it wil work.

  5. Many thanks, love it when the internet works and you can fix your own problems, worked straight away, thanks again

  6. Chirantha’s video is excelent as long as you can understand his/her English and you can also know how
    to dismantle the printer’s casing in advance. There are some manuals out there with instruction for that.
    NOT an easy thing to do I tell you.
    I don’t know if these errors and problems are created on purpose after 3-4 years after the printer’s purchase,
    so that we buy new ones. The percentage of people with knowledge and time and skill to repair printers by themselves is so so so low.
    After browsing for solutions for several days , a common problem even if you do fic the 6C10 problem is that
    it will come back again in time.(hence buy new printer every 4-5 years).
    And paying a technician one third of the printer’s value is not wise. (or you can -guess what- buy a new one)

  7. Hey,
    I have looked at heaps of sites on how to fix error 6c10 on my mp640! None worked.
    I went into settings, maintenance, cleaning, aterwards i checked nozzle patterns and have not had a problem since!!!!
    Hope this helps!!

  8. i try a hundred possible tips to fix my printer problem but the problem keeping on saying the canon ip2700 has an error.error 5100. can anyone help me. im not a fully technician yet

  9. So I ran into a Cannon person at work the other day and asked about this question. He told me resetting the ink absorber will reset the error only because it resets the whole machine. The issue is not the ink absorber but a mechanical issue. Apparently it has something to do with the vacuum tube inside of the printer that runs as the ink is pushed off the cleaner platform into the bottom of the printer where the 15 ink absorbers lie. He said it is something that needs to be serviced and you will continue to get this error over and over. he said that the code has multiple meaning depending on the model of the machine and on the MP 990 it is some kind of sensor that reads the gear every-time the ink cleaning plunger swips across the pads. So I thought i would check this theory out since i have a machine doing the same thing. Turned out my ink absorbers were not even half full. What i did find is the gear he spoke about would get hung up when the plunger thingy went across. Turns out on mine and probably many others the ink gets sticky from sitting there. It was actually making gear stick. So my machine would click and pop over and over then the error would show up. I would do the reset start the machine and no error i would go to print and up pops the error again. Now I cleaned that whole area with some denatured alcohol and now no more error and it is working again.

  10. I tried all the other fixes to no avail, but I found something that worked!
    I unplugged it, then i gave it a little shake, not too violent, but enough to help some stuff move around, banged on the side, turned it back on, and WA LA! error gone. Worth a try if nothing else worked.

  11. The only thing that worked for me was as follows:
    1 turn off printer
    2 press and hold resume button (triangle inside circle)
    3 while resume held down, hold down the power button
    4 keep the power button held down, release the resume button and then press it twice
    5 release the power button
    6 press the resume button 4 times and then press the power button right away
    7 turn off the printer, then turn it back on

  12. I tried a number of the technical solutions without success. Finally I tried Elizabeth’s solution of shaking the thing and banging on the sides. It certainly helped relieve my frustration and would you believe it IT WORKED.
    Thank you Elizabeth. We could learn more from the ladies.

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