Recognition Window not showing in Dragon Dictate


When dictating using Dragon Dictate, the recognition window does not show up like it may have done before. If you manually bring it up by saying “Show Recognition Window” or clicking the 123 button it may still disappear and not come back.

Select a tab below for the application that you are using with Dragon Dictate:

Microsoft Word

  1. Use one of these commands to select the text that needs to be corrected and display the recognition window: (using the word “the” is optional in some commands)
    Command Action
    Correct That Selects the previously dictated word or phrase and displays the recognition window.
    Show (the) Recognition Window
    Correct (the) Selects the word(s) specified and displays the recognition window. (the) is optional in this command.
    Correct (the) <first word> to <last word> Selects the phrase or area of text from the first word specified to the last word specified and displays the recognition window.
    Correct (the) <first word> through <last word>
  2. Once the recognition window appears, use the “Pick <n>” or “Choose <n>” command, where <n> is the number next to the word(s) shown.
  3. You can then use the command “Go to End” or “Insert before/after (the) <word>” to change the position of the cursor.

Other Applications

  1. With Dragon Dictate open, click the Dictate menu in the top left of the screen.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Click the Dictation tab.
  4. Check the “Microsoft Word” option.
  5. Click the Recognition tab.
  6. Check the “Always Show Recognition Window When Dictating” option.
    (If it is already checked then uncheck and re-check it).
  7. Uncheck “Close Recognition Window After Each Choice”.
  8. Close the Preferences window.

If that doesn’t work then:

  1. Quit Dragon Dictate
  2. Go to your User Library folder.
  3. Go to the Preferences folder.
  4. Delete the “com.dragon.dictate.plist” file.
  5. Open Dragon Dictate and repeat the first set of steps above.


  1. Say ‘‘show recognition window” I don’t remember needing to say this in previous versions, but it fixed the problem here.

  2. [Disregards comment about price… It was a Nuance look alike asking for money for support for Dragon DIctate.]

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