MindManager 9 fails to export attachments to Microsoft Word on Mac


While exporting your work from MindManager 9 to a word document, MindManager says the export was successful but when you open up the Word document and click on the link, the following error is shown:


During the exporting process, MindManager creates a folder called attachments. While this seems sensible, the links MindManager places inside the Word document are expecting the attachments to be in the same folder as the document..


Move all the files from the attachments folder into the same folder as the Word document. Word document after moving it click to update the entire table.

  • If you ever move the document to a new folder you will also need to move the attachments to be in the same directory as the document.
  • Make sure not to attach any .doc or .docx files as Word will not be able to open the document if you do.

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