Visual C++ Runtime for Dragon not supported on 64-bit operating system


When you attempt to install Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, it says it needs to install Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime for Dragon. While attempting to install, you get the following error:

“Visual C++ Runtime for Dragon Naturally Speaking is not supported on 64-bit operating system and cannot be installed.”


The version of Dragon Nautral Speaking that you have on your install disc is outdated and not compatible with 64-bit editions of Windows.


Download the Dragon 10.1 Update from the Nuance website.
You will be required to fill in a form with your name and serial number.


  1. Thanks. Page is still there and works great. They require me to call/email due to a volume license. Here’s the text:

    Your serial number indicates that you are a volume license customer. Administration and installation of your update should be made by an authorized representative of your organization. Please contact our Inside Sales department at 800-443-7077, option 4 or click here for your more information on how you may receive your Windows Vista update.

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