“Insufficient data usage” or “Out of memory” errors in Adobe Reader X


When you try and open PDF files in Adobe Reader X, it says “Insufficient data usage” or “Out of memory”.


This is a bug present in an old version of Adobe Reader X.


In Adobe Reader X, on the top menu, click on Help > Check for updates to update to the latest version.


    1. What I do is go to [Internet Explorer – Tools – Manage Add-ons – All Add-ons] and Disable Adobe PDF Reader, so it doesn’t try to open PDFs in Internet Explorer.
      Sometimes it doesn’t show up in that lis, so you need to hunt for it.

  1. Leaving this here since I had to go through 3 pages of google results to find this fix.

    This should fix Adobe out of memory error:
    Open Adobe Acrobat Pro
    1. Open “Edit” on the menu.
    2. Go to Preferences
    3. On the left select “Documents” uncheck/unselect “Save As optimizes for Fast Web View”
    4. On the left select “Internet’ > uncheck/unselect “Allow fast web view”

    Restart the computer it should stop giving you “out of memory”
    On a remote server log off, log back in it should stop giving you the error.

    The out of memory error has NOTHING to do with how much memory you have it’s a problem with the poorly written code in adobe acrobat software. I try not to use anything Adobe as most of it is just not that good and NEVER worth the HUGE prices they charge.

    This has been a problem in Adobe Acrobat Pro since 2011 and is stili not fixed. But it is Adobe LOL pay lots of money for software that doesn’t work correctly!

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