Libraries are missing in Windows 7


Libraries are missing from the navigation bar on the left of a explorer window.


Read only and hidden attributes for the libraries folder have become corrupt and need to be reset to default.


  1. Click Start>Computer,
  2. In the Address bar type %AppData%,
  3. This should take you to the Appdata/Roaming folder,
  4. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries.
  5. Make sure the folder and it contents are not hidden.
    1. Right click the folder or files or libraries and click properties.
    2. Uncheck the “Hidden” attribute check box.
    3. For good measure make sure the “Read-Only” attribute check box is not checked.
  6. Log off and log back on to apply changes.

If this does not work try the following:

  1. Click Start>>Computer.
  2. Right click libraries on the left hand side in the navigation bar.
  3. Click restore default libraries.


  1. If the libraries are missing in windows 7 you can easily try the nine mentioned steps to take care of all the problems. The files should be set to default.

  2. You should look for the simple fix first. Make sure that the folder is set to be displayed in the Navigation Pane. Right click on the Library folder, and check “Shown in navigation pane”

  3. none of these suggestions are working. the attribute comes up ‘read only’ so i tried to change that and it keeps getting reset back to ‘read only’ i clicked on ‘restore defaults’ and nothing happens. i don’t see any way to set or reset a ‘hidden’ property. [win 7 which this past week went through an uncountable number of updates]

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