Network icon in Taskbar incorrectly states you are disconnected


Your network icon will incorrectly show you are disconnected from the network (displaying a red cross through the signal bars) and it will also show “You are currently not connected to any networks” in the Network and Sharing Center. However, you are able to use the internet without any issues.


This is caused by your permissions being set incorrectly within the registry.


  1. Click Start
  2. Type in regedit, right click on the application that appears and click “Run as administrator”.
  3. Navigate through the folders (by clicking on the small arrows to the left) in this order:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft >Windows NT> CurrentVersion >Network List

Once on Network List do not navigate any further and instead right click on this folder and select “Permissions”

  1. Click on Advanced
  2. Please Remove all the permission entries in this window before adding the three new users below:
  3. Add new User and name this “Administrator”. Give it “Full control Permission”
  4. Add new User and name this “Users”. Give it “Full control Permission
  5. Add new User and name this “CREATOR OWNER”. Give it “Full control permissions”

Apply this and Restart your computer.


  1. Simply wanted to comment and give thanks. I had the exact problem described above and, although I found my solutions elsewhere and used slightly different registry changes as a result… this registry key seems to have been the culprit and I’m so thankful to those that have posted this solution to a problem that would’ve been really difficult to track down on my own!

    If you have the exact problem described by Jonathan above, I suggest you explore his solution or something similar as a possible fix!

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