Canon printer giving error “5,156,69” or “5,156,61” when scanning or trying to scan with wireless


When trying to scan with a Canon printer you are receiving an error “5,156, 69″ or “5, 156, 61″ and are not able to successfully complete the task.


Follow each step carefully and in the correct order.  Before trying to resolve the scanner issue we would strongly advise that you first run a malware scan and removal tool, as it is highly possible that something malicious may have caused corruptions with your printer software or within Windows file system.

  1. To resolve the scanner issue, firstly make sure that the printer USB is unplugged and the device is switched off. We also recommend unplugging from the mains as this performs a hardware reset.
  2. Go to Control Panel>Devices & Printers and remove anything relating to the canon printer including fax etc. Simply highlight it and choose “Remove Device”.
  3. Also you must remove any Canon printer ports from print server settings under the ports tab. Scroll to the bottom of the list and remove any Canon related entries.
    To find this list, click once and highlight any device in the printers list and in the selection above the window click on “print server properties”. (This list can also be found at Control Panel >Administrative Tools >Print Management >Printer Servers >”your computer name” >Forms (right-click Forms and select manage. Select the Ports tab.)
  4. Download a free 30 day trial of Revo Uninstaller Pro ( and install the program (you can easily remove after).
  5. Uninstall any Canon software in the list and once it has finished make sure you scan for any left-over items in both the registry and file system and delete them too.
  6. Open the Windows file explorer by clicking on the yellow folders or the “Computer” icon. Search for any leftover traces of Canon. I recommend looking in the following (some are hidden):
    C:\Program Files(x86)
  7. Now use the Revo “Forced Uninstall” feature to search and remove any leftovers. Revo will ask for a file location. Copy and paste the file location i.e. “C:\Program Files(x86)\Canon” to the top line of Revo and click next. Delete any files it finds and repeat for the other locations.
  8. Once you are confident that all traces of Canon are gone, restart your computer. DO NOT plug in the scanner via USB.
  9. Now you should go to the canon website and download and install the correct printer/scanner driver software for your printer. ( Make sure you download and install the correct driver for your operating system. NOTE: You only need the MP printer driver and Scanner utility. All the extra imaging software is optional & not essential.
  10. Follow the instructions during installation of your printer and at some point it will ask you to switch on the printer and connect it or choose wireless connection.
  11. Test the scanner it should now work.
  12. Once you have finished with Revo Uninstaller you can uninstall the trial if you wish via Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a program.


  1. Your solution worked! Although I had to add my Canon printer back to my Printer and Devices by adding it manually then selecting it as default. Then voila everythings fine again!

    Thank you man.

  2. After reading this instruction, I click remove the printer from the device, unplugged the scanner usb from the PC,.
    Next I power on the printer and plugged the usb back in the PC. This reinstalled the printer and walla it works.

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