Headset not showing in Dragon Dictate 4 Wireless for Mac


When creating a profile for Dragon Naturally speaking 4  wireless edition with the Savi go 100 headset, profile creation does not show the option for a wireless headset.


This is often caused due to the headset being paired to the Mac’s on-board Bluetooth adapter, as opposed to the provided Plantronics BT 300 dongle.

This means that the Apple Mac will show the headset in the system sound option,  although dragon will not be able to read the device.


The first and best solution is to not pair the headset to the Mac’s on board Bluetooth, instead use the provided BT 300 Dongle.

If the device has been paired to the Mac then follow these instructions to pair the device back to the BT 300 dongle.

  1. Unplug the dongle.
  2. Set the headset into pairing mode.  to do this. Make sure the headset is switched off and then hold the volume up switch until the headset flashes blue and red (pairing mode).
  3. Re-insert the dongle into the mac and wait until both the dongle and headset shows a steady blue light (may flash).
  4. At the point this happens restart your Mac.

Once you have paired the device back to the dongle Launch Dragon Dictate and create a new profile.

When selecting the microphone device select Plantronics BT 300 from the menu.

Your wireless Savi 100 should now work.

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