Plantronics MX22 Echo

Plantronics MX22Problem

Either the caller or listener can hear an echo when a call is in progress.


This can be caused due to an incorrect setting on the Plantronics MX22 amplifier.


If you hear an echo please try the following solutions:

  1. If your phone’s volume is currently set to a higher setting than medium try lowering it to medium.
  2. If the listening volume is currently too low try increasing the volume on the amplifier. 
  3. If the listening volume is still too low try increasing the volume on the headset.
  4. If the echo persists try lowering the speaking volume on the amplifier via the side dial.
  5. If your speaking volume is too low for your listener to hear in this position, adjust the position of the headset to ensure the microphone is two finger’s width from the corner of your mouth.

If your callers can hear an echo please try the following solution:

Try adjusting the configuration switch between each setting, The most commonly used position we find is setting 5.

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