Endnote not working in word with Apple M1 Chip

The following article is a broken down version of the following:


Please read the above link for full details

Some users with the Apple M1 chip may experience an issue launching Word and may get an error about Word not being able to launch the Endnote plug-in.

The following is a workaround as stated in the above article.

  • Quit Word and Endnote using command+Q or by right click the application icon and clicking quit.
  • Click “Go” (on the top bar)
  • Click “Applications”
  • Locate “Word” and right click
  • click “Get info”
  • Under General information click “Open using Rosetta”
  • Open Word.

Acknowledgement goes to the original poster for their work. This is a break down for their article.

I have made some amendments to the instructions to hopefully make things a little simpler. The instructions are the same but, these are another way of carrying out the same methods.

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