How to Set an Environment Variable

Click the Start button. Right Click on Computer (or My Computer) and select Properties. On the left, click on “Advanced system settings” (Windows XP users can ignore this step). Click the “Advanced” tab. Click on “Environment Variables” button near the bottom. Click “New” and enter a “Variable name:” and “Variable value” and click OK. Click… Continue reading How to Set an Environment Variable

List of Environment Variables

Environment Variable Description %ALLUSERSPROFILE% Location of All Users Profile %APPDATA% Location where applications store data by default %COMPUTERNAME% The name of the computer %DATE% The date in short format (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY) %NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS% The number of processors installed on the computer %PATH% The paths used as default when running a command without a path (e.g. notepad.exe)… Continue reading List of Environment Variables