B200 Printer error has occurred. Unplug the power cord and contact the service center.


When using your Canon printer you see the error B200.


This error displays because of an ink cartridge error and comes up when the chip on the ink cartridge isn’t been read correctly and/or the chip is faulty.


Making sure the contacts on the cartridge are clean and re-seating it may help. However, often in this case it is new cartridges that are needed.


  1. Simplest solution is to use the “deep clean” option in the printer maintenance section. Uses a lot of ink ….but it works in 2 mins!

  2. Press the printer resume button. If this doesnot clear error. cancel printing and turn the printer off and then on again.
    So i could not any solution for the problem. please help me. My printer model cannon pixma ip 380

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