T-Mobile problems with Kaspersky Internet Security


When pressing connect button on T-Mobile Broadband Dongle software error message Failed to connect. This is sometimes accompanied by a Kaspersky message: UImain.exe Dialler attempted to call *99#


  1. Uninstall Kaspersky.
  2. Uninstall T-Mobile Software.
  3. Restart machine.
  4. Reinstall T-mobile Software and drivers (follow T-mobile quick start guide for moreĀ information on how to achieve this).
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. Install Kaspersky Internet Security using Custom Settings:
    • Set Active Network Defence to entirely remove
  7. Continue install
  8. Restart the computer.
  9. Perform the following steps:
    • Kaspersky 2009 Users:
      1. Open Kaspersky and go to Auto-Diallers.
      2. Add a number exception “*99#” (without the “” quotes).
      3. Click Apply, then close the Kaspersky window.
    • Kaspersky 2010 Users:
      1. Open Kaspersky and go to Settings.
      2. go to Threats and Exclusions in the left hand side under Options
      3. where it says Exclusions click the setting… button and click ADD
      4. Click Select Object…
      5. Browse to the uimain.exe in the T-Mobile install directory
      6. Click OK to close the Exclusion rule menu
      7. Click OK to close Trusted zone window
      8. Click OK to close Settings window
  10. Attempt to connect using T-Mobile connection software

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