An internal recognizer error has occurred


In Dragon Naturally Speaking, on startup you get the message:

“An internal recognizer error has occurred. NaturallySpeaking may be in an unstable state, so you should save your work immediately and then close and restart the program.”


Fix the corrupt Dragon profile.


  1. This was unbelievably helpful! I have Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1, and even calls to tech support didn't solve the problem. These instructions were fantastic… Thanks so much!

  2. Technical issues of any kind throw me, but your instructions were clear enough (even) for me to follow and it worked! I can't thank you enough!

  3. This was the best support I have ever received.
    thank you it worked like a charm keep up the good work.

  4. Awesome worked great. The only thing i would put in there is you click on Dragon and click on manage users from there. But everything else was easy.

  5. I actually tried recovering the user profile several times but the problem still kept happening. What finally fixed it was making an exception for Dragon in my anti-virus (McAfee) which stopped it from scanning those files which was causing the problem.

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