Fixing Corrupt Dragon Profiles

This fix can help troubleshoot problems with loading Dragon Naturally Speaking related to a corrupt profile.

Automatic method

Open Dragon and follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Profile”.
  2. Then click on ”Manage User Profiles”
  3. Highlight corrupted profile, then click on “Advanced”.
  4. Scroll down and click “Restore”.

Dragon will auto rename profile name as “YourProfileName– Restored”.

Information provided by Tony Scalese

Manual method

  1. Make sure that Dragon Naturally Speaking is closed first.
  2. Press the Windows Key + R to bring up the Run box.
  3. type: %AllUsersProfile% and press Enter.
  4. Windows XP Users:
    Go to Application Data -> Nuance, then open the NaturallySpeaking folder and go to the Users folder.
    Windows Vista or above:
    Go to the Nuance folder, then open the NaturallySpeaking folder and go to the Users folder.
  5. Now, go into the folder which is your Dragon username.
  6. Rename the ‘current’ folder to ‘corrupt’.
  7. Rename the ‘backup’ folder to ‘current’.
  8. Open up Dragon and wait for it to load.
  9. On the Dragon Bar click NaturallySpeaking -> Manage Users.
  10. Click on your name and then click Advanced -> Backup to create a new backup and wait for it to finish.
  11. You may now delete the ‘corrupt’ folder.

Any references to folders called Nuance, may be called ScanSoft if using an older version

This method may not work due to the fact that Dragon automatically creates profile backup’s which may well contain the profile corruption. If this method does not work please refer to


  1. Adding my thanks for the fix – after reinstalling twice and faced with the prospect of losing my entire profile, this workaround fixed it…

    Now to ensure regular backups!

  2. You my friend are like a sweet orangutan with angels wings. I have had a trying time with this issue and this was the icing on the sweet potato. I applaud you my good sir.

  3. I thought for sure that this was gonna help me… but once I got to the users folder, it was empty… so now what?? please help?!?!?

  4. So far so good, thank you for taking the time to post this solution. This problem has been a major headache. It’s nice to know that there are people out there willing to help others. You rock!

  5. This was a lifesaver! Thanks a bunch. Nuance wanted to charge me money to fix it. That is a complete load of [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. I had given up and was about to start retraining it.

  6. I tried this fix & now Dragon won’t open! It keeps saying to it needs to install again. Is there any way to fix this new issue without putting in the program disc? I don’t currently have access to mine.

  7. Excellent solution!! I’ve spent way too much time trying the various solutions on line. Yours did the trick!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  8. Wow, this worked like a charm. Perfectly written instructions, too. Thank you! I wish I could buy you a beer.

  9. can this be used if i have saved a user on top of another user? Like I saved user on top of user instead of into user folder. please help

  10. Oh, you da bomb, baby! This worked perfectly and was way simpler than the 3 pages of instructions Nuance posted as their fix. Buy you a beer? No, I’d buy you a case!

  11. Thank you so much!!!! This work exactly how it was supposed to. I have dictating my comments with the fx.

    This was a fantastic solution. Just follow the steps and it worked perfectly.

    1. Hi
      dragon 11 the default is: C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking11\Users
      dragon 10 the default is: C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking10\Users
      Hope this helps

  12. You can also utilize the Dragon Program by selecting “PROFILE”>”Manage User Profiles” tab within in Dragon Program. Then highlight damaged/corrupted profile, then select “Advanced” tab. Scroll down and click “Restore” Dragon will auto rename profile name as “XXX – Restored”.

    1. Hello Tony, Thank you for contributing, the post has been updated to reflect your information and what to try if this method does not work.

  13. thanks very much for this, I woke up one morning and Dragon 12 just said it didn’t recognise my profile As a Dragon 12 profile anymore and it wouldn’t upgrade it.

    This did the trick and started working straightaway

    Thanks again

  14. Carl, Russell.

    I LOVE YOU GUYS! After at lease 15 hours of searching, your solution works perfectly. You have saved me untold hours of angst. I wonder if you can help with a similar issue. My profile gets corrupted frequently. To Worse, even after I back up my user profile the Dragon will not let me use the restore user profile.(It is grayed out). I’m wondering if these problems reflect some configuration issues with my current computer that also result in slower correction and recognition issues. And he suggestions would be most appreciative.. .

  15. I noticed that this problem occurred, very often when I was dictating in Microsoft Word. Here is my solution, which may come in useful.
    Open up the user profile, as suggested, above using the run command – thank you so much because I used to go to computer, C Drive – Nuance – user profile, and all that before; and then look for the folder under your username saying tb.
    Delete it.
    It clears up any problem especially if your file is corrupt.
    Switch on your microphone and dictate to your hearts content!

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