Fixing Corrupt Dragon Profiles

This fix can help troubleshoot problems with loading Dragon Naturally Speaking related to a corrupt profile. Automatic method Open Dragon and follow these steps: Click on “Profile”. Then click on ”Manage User Profiles” Highlight corrupted profile, then click on “Advanced”. Scroll down and click “Restore”. Dragon will auto rename profile name as “YourProfileName– Restored”. Information provided by Tony Scalese… Continue reading Fixing Corrupt Dragon Profiles

Corrupt Master File Table

Problem When you start your computer, a chkdsk scan is performed and it displays the message “Corrupt Master File Table”. Solution Try the following: Repair Disk Errors Fix the Master Boot Record

Black.lst file missing or corrupted

Problem You keep seeing an alert from your Kaspersky product saying “Black.lst file missing or corrupted”. Solution Click the Start button (Windows XP users should then click Run). Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter. Locate the Kaspersky product. Click once on it and click Change at the top. Click the Repair button. Once done you will… Continue reading Black.lst file missing or corrupted