PDFaloud from Read&Write 4 GOLD for Mac crashes Adobe Reader


After clicking the PDFaloud option in Read & Write 4 Gold for Mac, Adobe Reader crashes and provides an error report. The same thing happens if you open Adobe Reader by itself. If, you reinstall Adobe Reader it works fine until you click the PDFaloud option again.


If you, at any time, add extra items to the RWMac toolbar (such as the 2 extra highlighting colours) then open PDFaloud the error with Adobe will appear. It will only happen if you add certain buttons as it increases the length of a value in one of the ini files which PDFaloud does not support. A permanent fix is being worked on at the time of writing.


Texthelp have now released an update to fix the problem.

Previous Solution
Go to your home folder, then go to Library > Preferences and remove the Read&Write 4 Gold for Mac folder.

Another workaround is to quit Adobe Reader, go to the Read&Write preferences and choose the ‘Customize Toolbar’ option then click ‘Reset to Defaults’ this will also fix the issue.

Thanks to Eimear from Texthelp Support for assistance in solving the problem.

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