Olympus Sonority won’t download folders on Mac


When using the Download folder option in Sonority on Mac, no files are actually copied to the computer.


  1. Go to your home folder.
  2. Then go to Library > Preferences.
  3. Delete the following files:


  1. i am having trouble downloading certain files from my sonority dm450 device to my download tray. It seems arbitrary in choice of which files it refuses to download. At first i could not click on the download all icon so i upgraded and then got a ‘kernel switch’ and the icon was visible. However there are a lot of files remaining on the device. I have tried moving them to folder b and downloading from there but it did not work. Any ideas? thanks.

    1. Are you able to manually move them from the DM450 drive that appears on your Desktop?

      If so, try moving all the files off there and putting them back on. Then see if the problem with Sonority persists.
      Also, make sure to update Sonority if any updates are available.

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