"No Pages Found" when printing


You attempt to print something on your Mac but it displays the error “No Pages Found” even when there is plenty of paper in the printer.


Reset printing system.


  1. AHH yes!! I had tried everything before looking it up and this was the first one that came up! Glad it did because it worked like a charm.

  2. I thought my goose was cooked– had re-installed and then updated my Mac OS, done a bunch of other stuff, to fix a sick computer, I believed I had succeeded, and then found I couldn’t print! “Error: no pages found”. Thank goodness I found your Fix right away (well, almost). On a Mac, “Printer Preferences” > find your printer model in the left window & select if not already selected > trash it by clicking on the minus sign below the window . then reinstall it by clicking on the plus sign. It’ll take a few minutes to reinstall, but your problem will be solved!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry about the all-caps, but this helped me out tremendously! I am greatly in your debt. It’s been a digital-life “code blue” kinda day. To get things rolling—My MacBook crashes so hard that the Apple store has to wipe it and reinstall the OS. Tried everything else. Nothing else worked. Gotta do it. OK. Then, when attempting to migrate my pre-existing (8 years of) data back on to my MacBook from my Time Machine backup (on an external drive), my computer refused to recognize my Time Machine-containing external drive. EEK…cold sweats—feeling dizzy….could I be about to lose 8 years of my digital life (effectively MOST of the data that I consider utterly essential to functioning in the world). So…..I call Apple Support. Wonderful Apple Support tech, Ryan (how much do I LOVE Ryan??!!) sees this for what it is–a Code Blue moment–and goes way beyond his allocated call metrics (getting himself in trouble) to handhold me through every possible scenario that gets my MacBook to recognize my Time Machine external drive. That happens. Holy cow…apparently life as I know it will go on. Then, a document that I must print asap will NOT print…due to this EXACT error. ACK!!! Are you KIDDING ME? I got through all of this and now I can’t print? What the hell? Your simple, yet completely effective, solution gave me my sanity back at the end of this (to say the VERY least) digitally-trying day. Major thanks!

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