" "is not a valid floating point number" when running Spellex Registration


During Spellex registration, you get the error ” “is not a valid floating point number”.


  1. Save and close any word document you may be working on.
  2. Close the error message
  3. Navigate to C:\Windows (assuming Windows is installed on your C drive)
  4. Rename the “win” file to “win.old”.
  5. Rename the “win32” file to “win32.old”
  6. Run the Spellex registration again.

When registering Spellex the serial number (with the CD) and registration code (generated by the spellex registration application) is NOT the activation code.

The activation code is received after the registration process is complete on the web registration web form (http://spellex.com/registration/). You will require both the serial number from the CD and the registration code from the software to generate an activation code.


  1. I have done the above changing the win file to win.old and i still get the error message: is not a valid floating point number.
    I am becoming very frustrated as I have just purchased $159.00 for my spellex and cannot procede past this point. I would appreciate more assistance or I will have to ask for a refund on this product.

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