Enter password for account smtp.me.com


When you use the Apple Mail application you get the following error:

Enter password for account “smtp.me.com:username”
SMTP server “smtp.me.com” rejected the password for user


This is caused by the Mobile Me service being set as a listed SMTP server in the Mail application. If you do not use the service or have cancelled it, then it is safe to remove.


  1. Open the Mail application.
  2. Click Mail (in the top left), then click Preferences.
  3. Click Accounts (at the top of the window).
  4. At the bottom, where it says Outgoing Mail Server, click the dropdown next to it and then click Edit SMTP Server List.
  5. In the list, click on the item that says “smtp.me.com”.
  6. Click the minus (-) button below it.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Change the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown to whatever service you use.


  1. I followed your instructions after getting the message that my password had been rejected by smtp,me.com. However, when I got to the ‘Outgoing Mail’ server information, I found that there is only one server listed: smtp.me.com. If I elect not to use it, I am left with no server. I’ve been using mac.com for years and now all of a sudden, it is no longer listed. From time-to-time, I’ll get a message that mac.com server is not available and would I rather use me.com. I always choose me.com when given a choice and it seems to work.

    Today, my Mail application shows that it is off line. Is this a temporary condition? What must I look for? Is an action required of me? I have checked and my ISP router is working and I am online. It is the mail application that seems to be off line. I do not understand what is going on.

    Please, please help. Your information and explanations are so easy to understand.
    Thank you!!!!!!!

    1. If you use MobileMe then it is best to keep smtp.me.com. This article is aimed at users who are not subscribed to the service.

      To troubleshoot the current issue you are having, please try the following:

      1. Close Mail.
      2. Delete the following file:
        /Users/[Your Username]/Library/Preferences/com.apple.mail.plist
      1. Dear Carl,
        Sending you a BIG THANK YOU. Can’t tell you how glad people like me are that someone like you is out there ready to help us.

        Question: Does changing your iTunes account password mean that one has also changed the password used by Mail, or any other Apple application? I thought that each Apple account or application had to have it own unique password. Am I incorrect?

        1. Hi Chris,

          Glad I was able to help you.

          Changing your iTunes account password will not do the same for Mail. If an application asks you to login with your Apple ID then you can login with the same account you use for iTunes but otherwise it will be a different password.

          I’ll also add the problem you were having and it’s solution to our site.

  2. Thanks for this – I had the same problem and your fix worked -but be aware that it deleted the email folders on my mac (I can still get to them via the mobileme service).

  3. ok I am having this issue but where do I find this file? I tried to seach for it but it doesn’t come up and I put in my username.

  4. Hey….I don’t know if this will get to anyone, but there’s no file named “com.apple.mail.plist” in my Preferences folder (or, according to Spotlight, anywhere on the Mac). The other odd thing is that the Library Folder is not in my Home folder, either, it’s just on my main hard drive. (?)

    Anyway, just started getting this pop up — I DO subscribe to Mobile Me, at least for a couple more months — and it’s making me crazy. Help!

  5. I want to set up mail on my mac. in the past I was getting a message which states enter password for account plus, smtp. I followed the instruction that you advised for another subscriber and I deleted that email and now I would like to know how to install yahoo as my default mail. Can you help?

  6. I have tried all of the suggestions on changing my password in smtp aol and after 5 tries I’m still not able to access my mail this way. My problem is that my screen has a different window when I go to the step accounts window. Can you help?

  7. Thank-you so much! This issue has been nagging me for a long time – you have brought relief into my life!

  8. Dear friend,
    I followed your advice until:
    5. In the list, click on the item that says “smtp.me.com”.
    There is no ‘smtp.me.com’ in my list.

    what to do?

    thanks for your help!

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