Disable Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X or XI

  1. Open Adobe Reader X.
  2. On the top menu, go to Edit > Preferences.
  3. Adobe Reader X: Click the ‘General’ tab on the left.
    Adobe Reader XI: Click the Security (Enhanced) tab on the left.
  4. Uncheck the ‘Enable Protected Mode at startup’ checkbox and click OK.
    If it’s already unchecked, then check it and click OK. Then go back to the option, uncheck it and click OK again.
  5. Close Adobe Reader X.


  1. Okay maybe its just me but I can’t see in any of the tabs the ‘Enable Protected Mode at startup’ checkbox.

    1. Make sure you are using Adobe Reader X and not Adobe Reader 9. If you click General on the left, it should be one of the bottom options.

  2. Thanks for showing how to disable it in XI, the other sites said to click the General’s tab and un-click protection mode, but …… it wasn’t under the General tab in XI. So thanks for providing additional information!!

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