Unable to start Dragon Dictate


When you open Dragon Dictate, the program will not open. You may see an error message but the application will quit after.


  1. Make sure Dragon Dictate is not open.
  2. Go to your User Library folder.
  3. Open the Preferences folder.
  4. Delete the “com.dragon.dicate.plist” file.
  5. Click the back button to go back to the Library folder.
  6. Open the Application Support folder.
  7. Open the Dragon folder.
  8. Delete all the files and folders except the “Profiles” folder.
  9. Open Dragon. You will see the following message or similar:"Please insert the data disc: Dragon English Data"
  10. Insert the Dragon Dictate Data Disc and click OK.
  11. Once it has reinstalled the Data it will say it has complete you will be prompted with this message:
    Installation of Speech Engine Data is complete. Would you like to eject the Dragon Data Disc?
  12. Click the Eject button.
  13. Open Dragon Dictate again and it should load up correctly.

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