Wireless not connecting automatically after Lion upgrade


After upgrading your Mac to Lion, it does not automatically connect to your wireless network. You may have to force it by turning off Wi-Fi and turning it on again.


Reset the Network Preferences.


  1. Hi Carl, being an utter novice on my imac, i dont want to mess up my computer but i am having the problem you’ve outlined – intermittent wifi since the lion upgrade. so, how do i do to ‘go to my main hard drive’ and navigate to where you’ve said? sorry for being a dumbass!

    1. Your main hard drive is usually called Macintosh HD, unless you’ve renamed it yourself. It may be on your desktop but if it isn’t try clicking the Finder icon (smiley face) on the dock which will open a window. Then, on the left you should see Macintosh HD (or the name of your hard drive).

  2. thanks Carl, i have sorted it now and seems to be working fine but just so you know, the hard drive is not shown in the side bar of finder automatically in Lion as it was in snow leopard nor on the desktop. i have put it there now though! thanks for your help. :o)

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