Pan/Scroll Spacebar shortcut not working in Photoshop


When using Adobe Photoshop, holding down spacebar doesn’t toggle the hand tool to pan and scroll canvas.


Some programs can conflict with this shortcut with the main candidates being web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox or your OS accessibility settings.


Close down other open programs starting with your web browsers. After you close each program check back to your Photoshop file to see if the problem has been resolved.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem then you may have an issue with your preferences: Reset Photoshop to Default.

This only seems to happen if you open Photoshop after you open a conflicting program.


  1. This is so silly, lol. Only seems to happen on Macs too. It was Firefox for me.. so silly.

  2. It worked! I closed Firefox and Chrome and the hand came back. I don’t really get this. But it worked. It’s weird because I always have browsers running.

    Anyway, thank you!

  3. type msconfig in the run menu
    disable the MSOFFICE from startup.
    its worked for me. its the software that causing the trouble

  4. Weird! Just switched to a Mac a few weeks ago and had this issue too. For me, I tried shutting down Chrome but it made no difference. Then tried quitting Safari (which wasn’t even in use) and that’s what worked. Such an odd bug!

  5. If using widows go to
    Mouse/touchpad settings (or similar)
    In the delay drop down menu select disable or turn off delay

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