ZoomText Hotkeys not working for AppReader & DocReader


When ZoomText is enabled, the shortcuts for AppReader (Alt + Shift + A) and DocReader (Alt + Shift + D) do not work. Changing the hotkeys doesn’t help either but you are able to manually launch the readers by clicking on their icon in ZoomText.


  • Windows Vista, 7 or newer
    1. Press the Windows Key + U to open the Ease of Access Center.
    2. Click on “Set up High Contrast” or “Make the computer easier to see”.
    3. Uncheck the first checkbox which should read “Turn on or off High Contrast…”
    4. Click OK.
  • Windows XP
    1.  Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run box.
    2. Type access.cpl and press Enter.
    3. Click the Display tab.
    4. Uncheck the “Use High Contrast” checkbox.
    5. Click OK.

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