Kaspersky Anti-Virus databases not updating


The Kaspersky database will not update.


You will have to update to the next version of the software. The following link is to the end of life products.

Please see the following link for your product and it’s support lifespan:


Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find the next version which you require to upgrade to.

The following link is to the Kaspersky FTP site and link to the section where you can download older versions. (N.B.  If you are updating to a later version for the reason that your current product has reached end of life (and you still have time left on your activation) you will need to upgrade to the next version higher)


Remember your license will only allow you to upgrade and use the next higher version in the event of end of life. (This is up to Kaspersky’s discretion however.)

On there website they use two abreviations:

  • KIS – Kaspersky Internet Security
  • KAV – Kaspersky Anti-Virus

If you have any further issues please either contact Kaspersky or see one of the following posts:

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