“Can’t Load Visual Basic for Applications” when launching Read and Write Gold for Mac


Launching Read and Write Gold and Microsoft Office word produces the following error:

“Can’t Load Visual Basic for Applications

“Make sure Visual Basic for Mac is installed on your computer.
If Visual Basic for Application is installed make sure the path to the installation folder does not contain any characters outside of the system code page
(such as Cyrillic characters on an English system) and contains fewer than 255 characters.”


Visual Basic for Applications is corrupted or not correctly loaded.


  1. Quit the Applications and close any errors.
  2. Try a customized install of Microsoft Office for Mac.
    • Install Office for Mac and instead of selecting a Full installation, you should select a customized install and not install any other Application than “Visual Basic for Applications”

The only other option that is available  at this moment in time is a full uninstall of Microsoft Office

  1. Download and run the Microsoft Office Removal Tool.
  2. Once uninstalled, fully Re-Install Microsoft Office for Mac.

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