“The installer can’t create the folder” when installing updates for Office 2011


On Installation, the following errors are displayed.

  • “The installation failed”
  • “The installer can’t create the folder “/var/folders/r_/3sgz48xx27v_r138s4zbk3300000gp/T//Install.450dgBIAO”
    (This is an example file path. The actual path name will vary.)


The installation folder is locked.


  1. In Finder, at the top, click Go -> Go To Folder Then Type /private/var/folders/r_/
  2. Then press Enter.
  3. Open the folder that is displayed in the error (varies).
  4. Right click (Hold CTRL then click one button mouse) select “Get Info”.
  5. Click Sharing and permissions.
  6. If “username” is there (username being your name) Click the cog icon and select “Apply to enclosed items”
  7. If not, then click the plus and then click “User name” and then click choose. Your username will be added.
  8. if username has Read Only permissions you will need to click and change to read and write permissions and  then follow the above step to “Apply to enclosed items”.

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