Format your external disk into Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)


Most External drives come preformatted with the Master Boot Record (MBR) partition scheme. If you are formatting your external drive to use as a recovery drive you will need to format to Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)

  1. Navigate to the Utilities folder by using the shortcut Command-Shift-U in the finder or type in “Disk Utility” via Spotlight.
  2. Plug your external drive into your Mac (you will then see it appear in both disk utility and your desktop)
  3. Select the external disc (do not select the volume entry which is below)
  4. Click the Erase tab
  5. In the format table please select Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) in the list of options
  6. Click on Erase and confirm that you wish to do this.
  7. Once the disk has successfully formatted it should know in the Partition Map Scheme that it is GUID Partition Table.
  8. To remove the disk click on the eject button and remove once it has fully ejected.
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