Abbyy Fine Reader Pro 11 not working after upgrade to Windows 8.1


When launching Abbyy Fine Reader 11 Pro after upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 you receive a message stating the application is not supported on this operating system.
Clicking OK attempts to launch the application but numerous errors occur including, but not limited to C++ errors and “frame\toolbars\UndoRedoMainBarPane.cpp” could not be loaded.


You have an early version of Abbyy Fine Reader Pro 11, which needs to be updated.


Method 1:

  1. Right click the Abbyy Fine Reader short-cut on your desktop (or in the start screen) and click “Run as Administrator”.
  2. Clear any error messages that appear by clicking “OK”, This should allow Abbyy Fine Reader to at least start
  3. A Message will pop up asking you to download the latest version and will provide a link to the download. (if this does not display click “Help” then click “Check for updates Now”
  4. Click the download link and download the file
  5. Run the installation file. (this may take some time)
  6. The installation wizard will at one point ask if you would like Abbyy Fine reader to automatically download and install updates (this is a new feature) tick the box.
  7. Finish the installation.
  8. Run Abbyy Fine Reader in Windows 8.1

Method 2 (If you are unable to run as administrator)

Contact Abbyy Fine reader they should provide the download link via Email.

UK Contact details:

Phone: +44  870 600 0231
Address: 1210 Parkview, Arlington Business Park, Theale, RG7 4TY, United Kingdom



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