Dragon Dictate 3.0.x may not perform as expected on this version of Mac OS X


When launching Dragon Dictate, the following message appears:


This issue may occur when a version of Dragon Dictate 3 earlier than Dragon Dictate 3.0.4 is installed on OS X Mavericks 10.9.


Follow these steps to upgrade to Dragon Dictate 3.0.4 or newer:

  1. Make sure you have “Quit” Dragon Dictate 3.0.x.
  2. Follow the instructions in https://fixkb.com/2013/10/allowing-assistive-devices-in-osx-mavericks-10-9.html.
  3. Launch Dragon Dictate. The “Dragon Dictate 3.0.x may not perform as expected…” dialog will appear again.
  4. Click “Continue”.
  5. The following dialog will then appear:


6. Click “Install Update” to download and install Dragon Dictate 3.0.4.

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