Windows 8 Bandwidth issues/Data usage exceeded “Set up Metered connections”


When using Live tiles on Start Screen, there is a possibility the live tiles could be using a lot of bandwidth. There could be an issue if you have a limited/capped connection. Live tiles, access content without you clicking on the application. The live tiles provide weather updates, news headlines etc. This information is being accessed and could potentially cause Data usage limit to be exceeded .  This hinders users if their Internet service provider charges you by the amount of data you use.


These settings are automatic, a default setting implemented in Windows 8.


You can set a metered connection

To set this up

1.Hold down Windows Key and press I

2.Click on Wireless network icon

3.Right click on your network connection in list and click on “Set as metered connection”


Also try this


1.Hold down Windows Key and press I

2.Click on Change PC settings

3.Click on Devices and make sure “Download over metered connections” is turned Off


These changes will take effect

*Windows Update will only download priority updates

*Apps downloading from Windows Store might be paused

*Start screen tiles might stop updating

*Offline files might not sync automatically

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