Microphone not working in Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac


The Microphone will not work in Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac OSX.

The microphone shows results in the output section of the sound preferences but, will not let you pass the initial check in the profile configuration on Dragon.


This is because the system has the permissions to access Dragon but Dragon has no permissions to access the profile.  This means that Dragon Dictate cannot write any data to the profile.


  1. Go to the applications folder.
  2. Ctrl click the Dragon Dictate application icon.
  3. Click Get info.
  4. Click the triangle next to “Sharing and Permissions”
  5. Click the padlock icon and enter password(just press enter if you don’t have a password set).
  6. Click the “+” button.
  7. Select the user name and click choose.
  8. The permissions for the newly added user will be read.
  9. Click read and then read and write.
  10. Click the lock icon.

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