Locating Mac system files using paths


We will often refer people to files or folders by using a path. For example, when searching for third-party software, we may ask you to check the “~/Library/LaunchAgents” folder.

The average user may have trouble finding this folder.

This article will help you learn how to track down the file that path is pointing you to.


In this method we are going to use “Go to Folder”.

1. Highlight and copy the text in the box below:


2. Click on “Finder”.

3. Click “Go” on the “Menu Bar” and then click “Go to Folder”.

go to folder1

4. Paste the text into the “Go to Folder” text field and click “Go”.

This should now open the requested folder.


  1. Genio, grrrrr. Went to systems preferences and uninstalled genio but it is still on my homepage and i just want google back and all these pop ups to stop . Please tell me how

  2. Thank you very much for the help, got rid of that bloody thing finally. They should be sued for that thing!

    Erich, Austria

  3. where do I find folder on my I mac, can someone plsss help me to remove genio. I have tried so many times but it’s still on my com

  4. KB, thank you very much, I think I have managed to erase Genieo from my system, thank you for your help

  5. o my god, it’s back, I hate Genieo, Google should do something, they are loosing millions with this creepy piece of sheet

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