Locating Mac system files using paths

Problem We will often refer people to files or folders by using a path. For example, when searching for third-party software, we may ask you to check the “~/Library/LaunchAgents” folder. The average user may have trouble finding this folder. This article will help you learn how to track down the file that path is pointing you to. Solution In this… Continue reading Locating Mac system files using paths

Find MAC Address on Windows

Click the Start button (Windows XP users should then click Run). Type cmd and press Enter. In the Command Prompt window, type getmac and press Enter. You will see the physical address listed for each network adapter.

How to find your router address

Select the tab with your operating system: Windows Vista, 7 or Newer Click the Start button. Type ncpa.cpl and press Enter. Double click on your connection. Click Details. The address next to IPv4 Default Gateway is that of your router. You can also use this address to access your router should you need to. Windows XP Click… Continue reading How to find your router address