Convert to .WAV option greyed out in DSS Player

Problem When using DSS Player, you click on the audio file that you want to convert. Then when you click the File menu, you notice¬†that the Convert to .WAV option is greyed out and not selectable. Cause The DSS Player software is only able to convert DSS files to WAV. The option is not available… Continue reading Convert to .WAV option greyed out in DSS Player

"CMp3FormatInfo::ParseDescription can’t parse 128kBit/s, 32.000Hz, Mono" error in Kurzweil

Problem You get the following message appear and have to click through many of the same message in order to get into the program: “CMp3FormatInfo::ParseDescription can’t parse 128kBit/s, 32.000Hz, Mono” Solution Close Kurzweil. Download the file Mp3Convert.ocx Copy and paste it into the folder: C:\Program Files\Kurzweil Educational Systems\Common Files\ Restart.

Open .docx files in Word 2003 or 2004

Windows (Microsoft Office 2003) Download and install the following update: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Mac (Microsoft Office 2004) Download and install the following updates: Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.5.0 Update Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.0