Screen has been rotated or is upside down

Problem Everything on your computer screen has been flipped at an angle of 90, 180 (upside down) or 270 degrees. Cause The rotation setting from your graphics card driver has been changed. Solution Press Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow to put the rotation setting back to it’s default.

Windows stuck on black screen with cursor

Problem When starting windows, it just shows a black screen. You can still see the mouse cursor and can move it but there is no start menu, taskbar or desktop icons. It may stay like this for a while before logging in. Solution Run a Disk Repair.

Claro Screen Ruler is black and won’t change colour

Problem When using the Claro ScreenRuler, regardless of the colour you have selected it will display as black making it hard to see anything or close the ScreenRuler. Solution Close all Claro programs. Download the ClaroUpdater. Run it and download the latest update for ScreenRuler. It will save the installer on your Desktop. Run the… Continue reading Claro Screen Ruler is black and won’t change colour