Supernova not starting


Supernova wont start up at all.


Corrupt settings files.


  1. Click the “Start” button.
  2. Click Computer (or My Computer).
  3. Go to the drive that SuperNova is installed on (usually C:\).
  4. Open “Program Files” Folder.
  5. Open “Dolphin” Folder.
  6. Open “Supno701” (or similar name) Folder.
  7. Open “Settings” Folder.
  8. Delete all files within this folder.
  9. Start SuperNova..
  10. Re-Register SuperNova online.


  1. Hi Nico,
    Welcome to [Fix-KB]

    Please see the following dolphin product activation page:
    please reference
    “How do I Activate?
    To Activate, run your software. You will be prompted to activate every time you run your software until you complete the activation process.

    “What happens if I replace my computer?”

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