Unclear text in web browsers when using Supernova

Problem When using Supernova Magnifier or Access Suite with a web browser, the text on the page is blurry and out of focus. Solution (supplied by Dolphin Support) Click Start. Click Control Panel. Open Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab. Make sure the option in the top box for “Use software rendering instead of GPU… Continue reading Unclear text in web browsers when using Supernova

Supernova not starting

Problem Supernova wont start up at all. Cause Corrupt settings files. Solution Click the “Start” button. Click Computer (or My Computer). Go to the drive that SuperNova is installed on (usually C:\). Open “Program Files” Folder. Open “Dolphin” Folder. Open “Supno701” (or similar name) Folder. Open “Settings” Folder. Delete all files within this folder. Start… Continue reading Supernova not starting

Hotkeys not working in SuperNova

Problem Hot keys are not recognised in Dolphin products such as SuperNova, Hal and Lunar. Solution Click the Start button. (Windows XP users should then click Run). Type regedit and press Enter. Click Continue or Yes if prompted. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. Click Edit -> New -> DWORD Value. Now type in “LowLevelHooksTimeout” as the name and… Continue reading Hotkeys not working in SuperNova