AppReader and DocReader skip or fail to read text in Internet Explorer


On some websites, ZoomText’s AppReader and DocReader may skip text, fail to read text, or freeze up.


This problem occurs when a webpage contains HTML tags that are not terminated properly, which interferes with ZoomText’s specialized processing in Internet Explorer.


To workaround this problem, you can disable ZoomText’s specialized processing in the problem website, as described below.
This may result in AppReader and DocReader reading across columns in web pages on the specified website.

To disable ZoomText’s AHOI processing for a specific website

  1. On the Windows Desktop, right-click on the ZoomText program icon.
  2. In the pop-up application menu, left-click on Properties.
  3. The ZoomText 9.1 Properties dialog appears.
  4. Click on the Find Target button.
  5. Windows Explorer opens to ZoomText’s program folder.
  6. Locate and double-click on the file: ah_ie_punt_url.txt
  7. ah_ie_punt_url.txt will open in the Windows Notepad application.
  8. Add the domain (URL) for the problem website as a new line in the file. For example:…
    The inclusion of the forward slash and three periods at the end of the URL tells ZoomText to ignore specialized processing throughout the website, or all pages nested within the directories of the defined URL.
  9. In the File menu, choose Save.
  10. Exit the Notepad application.
  11. Exit and restart ZoomText and Internet Explorer.

[Source: aisquared Support]

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