1. Help, trying to reinstall Inspiration on Mac tried to put in activation code on from of disc get 2 messages
    1 states I do not have admin to put on all accts, which I do.

    2.Request could not be completed because online resources are currently unavailable.

    Any help would be appreciates

    1. Try downloading the latest version rather than using the disc. The new update is compatible with Lion (which I assume is what you’re using).

      1. I have tried the new version again it seems to come up the same error while trying to activate

        Any other idea ?

  2. Did you find the solution for activating the trial Craig? I’ve got the same error message about online resources being unavailable. Please post if you found a solution! Thanks Sarah

  3. Sorry forgot to post this.

    I had to contact Inspiration who issued me with a new serial number, contact details are on the website, took a couple of days to get a reply all sorted now.

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