Olympus Sonority wont download certain folders on a Mac


When trying to download a folder in Olympus, the download dialog box pops up momenteraly, but no files are transferred.


Backup, delete and recreate the Sonority message folders by doing the following.

  1. Manually back up the files on the Dictaphone to a folder on your Mac. It should appear on your Desktop as “DM450” or under a different name depending on your device.
  2. Close Sonority.
  3. On your Mac, go to your home folder then to this folder: “Documents/Olympus Sonority/Messages”
  4. Move all the folders with “folder” in the name (for example “folderA” – “folderE”) to your desktop. This is to backup your current recordings.
  5. Recreate the folders you have moved. Do this within the Messages folder.
  6. Open Sonority.


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