“One or more previous installations require you to restart your system…” when installing Dragon 11.5


When you attempt to install Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5, it says it needs to install Visual C++ 9.0 Runtime for Dragon. While attempting to install, you get the following message:

Despite restarting this message still appears and you cannot go further installing Dragon.


You need to manually repair VCRuntime 9.0 C++:

  1. Click Start > Computer > and double-click on your C:\ drive.
  2. Right-click on an empty space, then click New > Folder and name it “temp”.
  3. Download VCRuntime from the appropriate link:
    For 32bit Systems / For 64bit Systems
  4. Extract the downloaded files into the ‘temp’ folder.
  5. On your keyboard, press the Windows key (Windows’s flag) + R key.
  6. In the “Run” box, paste the following command (include quotations):
    c:\temp\vcruntime_x64.exe -v"skip_pendingreboot_check=1"
  7. Click OK, which should start the installation of VCRuntime for Dragon.
  8. After installation has completed continue installing Dragon and delete the temp folder after this has completed.


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