Changing your Windows 7 password (for fingerprint users)


You can log in to your Windows 7 user account using the fingerprint Biometrics authentication, but, you have forgotten your typed password.


Forgetting the Windows typed logon password because the user has primarily been using the Biometric fingerprint authentication to access the Windows 7 user account.


  1. Log in to the Windows 7 user account that you need to change the password on, using the fingerprint recognition device.
  2. Select “Start”
  3. Type CMD (in the search field).  The Icon for Command prompt will appear.
  4. Right mouse click the CMD icon and select “Run as administrator”
  5. This will open an administrative command prompt
  6. In the command line type the following:
  7. net user “username” your new password (your username must be entered exactly and it is case sensitive, )
  8. Press enter and your password will now be changed.


  1. Hi, I have have forgotten my Windows 7 password, so now i can log in usinfg fingerprint Biometrics authentication. I triad to follow the steps above but i unable to do that.

    Pls. can you explain more steps 3 & 7.


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