Clicks pause/freeze for 1-2 seconds when using Wacom tablet with Windows 8


After upgrading to Windows 8 there is a noticeable delay when you click on icons, especially on Adobe programs such as inDesign, using your Wacom tablet.


    1. Download and install the latest drivers from
    2. After you install the drivers you will be asked to restart, do that now.
    3. After restarting, bring up the charms bar (windows button + c) and select settings, then click control panel.
    4. Enter pen and touch in the search box, click Settings, then click Pen and Touch.

      Pen and Touch options
      Pen and Touch options menu, Windows 8.
    5. Select “Press and hold” (Highlighted above), then click settings and activate this option. After you apply the settings your Wacom tablet should no longer hang.


  1. Muito obrigado pela ajuda amigo! Estava com graves problemas.
    Many thanks for the help! Had serious problems…

  2. Thank you, Adam!

    When using InDesign and Acrobat, clicking on the document would freeze it until I moved my mouse off of the application. Very frustrating. This fix is great!

  3. I agree with Tom. I’m on Win 10 and that feature is very annoying. I want right click, to act like a right click. There has to be another way. I’m using Intuous 3 – 13×9 with driver 6.3.15-3.

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